03 October 2011

False Promises..

Hello Folks. I know I know... What can one say?! Its been a reeeeaaallll loonnng time since we last caught up. I mean, after all I know you've all been just pinning for my super stories or casual insights on my day-to-week-to-month updates on "Whats Happening With KAI." For that I more than apologize. I not only feel bad for keeping you all in the dark for so so long, but I must realize how important it is keep an online memoir of sorts for the sake of posterity, for making a footnote indelible in the psyche, for entertainment! So jus' sitting here thinking to myself I come to some conclusions that it's just up to me to deliver in life, not just say I will. So, from here on out, no mo PROMISES! Just action. If I tell you I am going to make another blog, then that means I'm freakin' gonna DO it! It means I'm already in the middle of doing it(at least in my head). SO...with that said...I am gonna stop blathering like a crazy fool and just UPdate y'all. So watch here, it's coming up real fast. Take your bathroom breaks now if you have to. Actually I'm gonna try to keep this short and sweet. So just hang in there wit' me, alright?

Countdown to the unexpected: 10 9 8 7 5 (whoops) 6 5 4 3 2 1...


Naturally a whole lot has been going on here! I mean when you got like the better part of a year to catch up with, you just HAVE to have something interesting, right? I really don't know where to begin, which is bad 'cause I usually like to put things in chronological order, make it somewhat linear, get me? We'll jus' have to pretend like were watching a Chris Nolan film and jump around in time(sometimez without warning!).
So lets start with Videos! Last I left off I might have mentioned something along the lines of me teaming up with a former co-woker of mine. Well, we continued to foster a pretty good working relationship in video and sorts. I have more or less become her resident videographer/editor. More-so editing now since she has joined PhillyCam. For those not in the know, PhillyCam is Philadelphia's premiere public access TV Station. This is a pretty big deal here, since we are like the last major city in the whole freakin' country to get a public access station. Lets not get it confused with the local "PBS" station. Nawww, what we are members of is MUCH better, exponentially better! There, anyone who has an idea for something they wish to shoot can do so and submit it to the station. It doesn't cost much to be a member either. Go to www.phillycam.org and check it out for yourselves! We have submitted 3 or 4 programs under her organization. Thing is, we get 30 min at any one time, which is good for us. This gets our creative juices flowing to bring some good short and concise content from the great forums we have been documenting. We cover things like the rally and march in washington DC recently themed "Save Our Shools." Public schools are in trouble, funding is continuing to get cut in favor of charters and teachers are being scrutinized more than informed or worked with, thusly losing their jobs. Thats just one avenue. Were also trying to expand our palete and get a real expansive view with various content including the entertainment industry and happenings in town.

Well, I said I would keep it short and sweet, so that should do for now. But stay tuned!

Good Luck n' Good Night!

Weather {This year has reached presumably highs for percipitation: winter yeilded TON of snow and spring/late summer/early fall, ton of rain} With that, we finally got a break today, and I could actually see a bit of sun right before it went down, that's a beautiful site to see. Currently cold in mid 50s(its early Oct!). Nice n dry...

01 December 2010

Long Time

Tis been a long time! How have you all been?! Good? Not so? Well I am just bouncin' off the walls! Hah! A lot has been goin on with likes KAI and the now forming production family. I actually like to maintain a worldview of everyone I touch or been having the blessed to be touch by, are apart of the family, to some extent. Now some have naturally been real friends or at least friendly enough to warrant the same kind of manners and respect. "Treat those how you would want to be treated" etc. Others (of course) would not be so deserving of that kind of respect. However, lately I feel more like trying to rise above it all. I have been doing some kind of soul searching if u will and am trying to squash petty(or not so petty) things of the past. I try to (don't laugh) think what would Jesus do? But it kind of works. In fact I dare you ALL to try that next time. When you feel like you are in a situation in which you feel so low and want to punch someone or something, take a deeep breath and exhale slowly and think what would "He" do? Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you will instantly do a 360 right there and then, but at least it helps put things a little bit in perspective. Heck, if not "Jesus" then try Budah or some figure in the world you may look up to, anybody really.

Wow! I really got into that one. Well on to the UPdates!
I have been fairly fortunate to be a part of the groups and thusly mailing lists that have given me a leg up on the happenings that are involved in the film world of Philly. I love this city. Many great events have been going down like film screenings by MindTV, which involve series of short ducumentaries of many different point of views of this city. Many stories are told and expressed and many lessons are to be learned.
Last month I was lucky to get a pass to the Philly Premiere of "Night Catches Us" by local native Tanya Hamilton. Afterward she and lead actress Kerry Washington were on center stage for discussion. Priceless. Also I had the fortune of meeting some of the other cast members, doing a solid job in their own right. It was a really powerful film, if at times a bit less than stellar, about how history won't escape a circle of folks in Germantown who have ties with the Black Panther Party. Good Cinematography and performances overshadow a story with some holes in it. Still a solid outing!

Lets fastforward and bring things in perspective for KAI Productions. Working in the Census was very beneficial for a couple reasons, one being that I was able to network and connect with some like minded folks or otherwise folks whom could be of my services. One person in particular has been in meetings with myself and bouncing around ideas. Im really looking forward to our Friday brainstorming/formatting session. This, I believe, will be key in which we will finally set up what's needed to get going and rolling. Once this bus gets rolling watch out! There will be links/uploads to video projects to come, so stay tuned!

Good Night and Good Luck to y'all!

Weather: Was a lil warm but huge wind gusts of 40-50 MPH. Currently now 39.

27 June 2010


Happy Father's day! In this, my part II of a tribute to parents (first Mother's Day), it's now time to shift the attention to the patriarcs, the MEN of our respective clans.
The day may come once, but the people they celebrate should be remembered and appreciated every day. Often, it seems people focus a whole lot more on "my moma" than "my papa"; for a lot of different reasons. Living the life as a single parent aint easy for so many MAMA's out there. But wait a sec! What about the single PAPA's?!?! They are out there too, no?! And then there was something bought up on a friends facebook account about they were sick of hearing "mothers being described as fathers", because in the end they can't provide all the things a father can provide. I agree with this sentiment greatly! So in concluding, I just want to give a HUUUGE hollar and shout out to all the good dads holding it down and just taking care of their children, whether its in the framework of a traditional nuclear family or the other route of "taking turns" and being there for their offspring when it counts.

Hope all of y'all had a great Father's Day!

Good Luck and Good Night!

Current Weather: SOO hot n humid! 86 degrees*

30 May 2010

Memorial Weekend Update

Hey y'all! Whats good in the hood?! Let me get ya up to date with stuff goin' on in MY neck of the woods.

First off: EMERGENCY
Folks very dear and close to me have had the misfortune to be attacked by a known, yet seemingly underestimated enemy to may of us. Termites. They are horrible creatures and everyone out there reading this should get Terminex or some one else to give a free house inspection. Thats right, it FREE. Because the damage done can happen without you even knowing before its too late. Right now, the folks I have mentioned are forced to live on w/o a Kitchen for over a week, while the redoing process is going on. There is no reason why no one should not get a free inspection. That is all.

Next: Screenplays.
Do the names Syd Field or Blake Snyder sound familiar to you? Well, interesting story about how I am getting into them and their work. It's funny when you talk to people, and they happen to have SOME relation to you or your passion, no matter how minute or (on the other end of the spectrum) grandiose it is! The story goes like this: One of the jobs I hold involves occasionally working around people in their dwellings. So, I just happen to mention briefly 'bout my interest in writing for the screen (AKA screenwriting). They instantly had an interesting story to tell. You see there's a couple that were both, you could say, bitten by the creative bug. One was an actress, the other an aspiring screenwriter. Unfortunately for them they didn't go very far in their respective "passions". However this doesn't mean someone else can't benefit from past knowledge learned, only to be bestowed upon themselves?? Right??? So by the end of it all he's telling me about 2 books he has read by the "well respected" Syd Field and Blake Snyder, but he has no use for the literature anymore since he he is sticking to his first love: "massaging." Fast forward months later. I'm now totally getting into the books. They both have different takes on writing screenplays, yet are perfect for beginners like myself; clear, concise and engaging (so far!) You see, I've been into writing for couple years now. Actually since I graduated college, I've been jotting down little ideas that randomly come to my head for ideas for movies. But I never really developed them. In fact for a while I didn't like the idea of writing at all! I thought maybe just directing, or assisting to the direction with just treatments here or there so that someone ELSE could actually formulate them into full-fledged works. However over the next few years that would past, i liked the idea of comming up with good dialouge, and painting visual vistas for the screen on paper. Something inspiring maybe, but different. Something that may not be entirely original yet unique because it has MY point of view, and quirks and that little something that hasn't been quite worded the way I have worded it. So there you have it. Me the Screenplaya! haha

Good night and good luck to you all!
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09 May 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

I just hope to make this quick n easy and to the point as possible. I wish all to have a Happy mothers day. Even though the day is almost over, lets not stop remembering all that which they mean to us. After all without mothers, there is no "US" to go on to be mothers and fathers in this beautiful cycle of LIFE. So everyone who's reading this, please take a moment and reflect on them; reflect on a wonderful little moment you have shared with your mother lately. Even if you feel yours is controlling or nagging or you recently got into a fight and don't feel like talking or thinking about her. There is ALWAYS 1 decent moment you should be able to think of. I think of many. I am so glad to have her living in my life, I realize all those whom have there mothers around in their lives PERIOD have to realize how blessed they are.

I may not know the Bible passages word for word (or even close) but I do know there are real important lessons in their and one I'm sure states the importantce of strength through family, which starts with our mothers and fathers.
Yes, I said fathers as well. And Don't worry you Dads out there, when Fathers Day comes, you're next!

Good night and good luck!

Current Weather: 49 tonight!

05 May 2010

# 5

Ok. Lets start this one off by me simply saying I am going to try my best to update this blog EXPERIENCE more often so I don't have to put together any more of these crazy super duper sized double-triple-quad-blob-blogs. Try saying that 3 times fast! HAH! Anyways...on to the events!

Working for the Census, I must say, is an interesting experience. With not even a standard business week(4 days!) of training we are shipped off and out into the wonderous world to work and get the responses we seek. I've been down this road before. Stints with Environmental Action and Moveon.org kind of seasoned me for the interactions that would happen. The funniest thing about it is I don't have to worry about traveling much, case its all really local and in my own neighborhood. Thats mostly all the info I can divulge about it...well that and I can pretty much work my own hours, which isn't that great because I have to sometimes force myself outside and on the streets to work or else i'll end up gettin' less hours cause who wants to be out there when its dark?!?! Especially due to the fact I already have a job in the morning, I simply MUST get out really soon to catch up. At least the weather is nothing short of glorious out there. Praise the sun and very little clouds, but I love clouds and their various formations that are out there. Peeps hardly ever tend to notice these things. So yes, I know it would be cliche` to mention that folks "these days" take the beauty in this world for granted, but its the TRUTH! With that being said, its refreshing to hear/see someone type about/taking pictures of the environment around us. That is all for tonight

Good Night and Good Luck!

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20 April 2010

Updates Updates UP DATES!

Whats happenin' people?!?! I knooooww its been awhile. KAI has been pretty busy as of late, but it's really no excuse as I should be updating fellow followers of my "blow you away with words" blog I have here. lmbo! Actually, when Im here writing these blogs, memoirs if u will of my experiences, I wish to create just that, an EXPERIENCE! I wish have each and every reader out there to be fully enveloped in the day-to-day,week-to-week, etc. occurences that happen in this world told through KAI's eyes. So with that, on to the UPdates.

#1: Creating a website through Go-Daddy can be horrorific if you don't have much experience in the medium. On the main sign up pages they have it set up in a way feels like they will hold your hand and give you easy to use tools and guides for those tools so you even the most wet-behind-the-ears novice would feel lie an accomplished vet in just a matter of days...Well...the worst part of this transaction is just GETTING there. I mean transfering my already established domain name from one registrar to another. Meanwhile I have to learn a whole host of new terms. Many I couldn't tell you what they mean now if a taser was aimed at my crotch, but i digress, its patience testing stuff. So after about a week or 2 going through many many greuling(mentally speaking) tasks, I got the name transferred. Now for the last past few weeks it's been all about how to actually get stuff on my page. Thats a task and half...

#2: Taxes..ughhhh I HATE them, but I got em done with 2 days to spare...hell i OWE this year! WTF?!?! How could I OWE?!?! i don't understand it...I make slightly less than I did the previous year and i owe taxes..under the 50 dollar mark, but still...Whats goin on Obama? Government?!?! Sheesh... So much for breaks for the un-wealthy...i feel like the tax program I am using is messin me up....oh well...whats done is done... On the fliside of thangs I am finally getting to work for the local govt, via the Census Bureau. 'Bout time they got to back me! I took the test and got 97% correct! And it took them a year and couple months to get back to me. Well thats all the complaining I'm doin'. At least they are giving me a job and good pay..REALLY good pay. Training begins next week...letssseee see how that goes...

#3 KAI productions is rolling at a semi-fine clip. Was at another cool networking party last month. It was actualy a screening at a nice quaint lil place called Arts Garage. 2 Floors of fun. They were still developing the place..from what I saw theres lots of promise to be seen. The folks who invited me hope to take good advantage of the property for possible future production works. Was E-vited to the event. It's cool when you meet folk and so they evite you to their happening ventures, thusly you meet other folk..THATS networking! Expanded the old facebook contacts by a few names after that night. This time there was food though! Not only that it was free and so so tantalizing. Everything from delectable fried poppcorn shrimp, very lightly steamed baby spinnach in some kind of buttersauce, very tasty macaroni salad, and other dynamic fare. It was a success on many levels and I hope St. Louis Productions gets rolling in the direction they wish....luck to them..I'll be in touch...

Good Day and Good Luck!

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