01 December 2010

Long Time

Tis been a long time! How have you all been?! Good? Not so? Well I am just bouncin' off the walls! Hah! A lot has been goin on with likes KAI and the now forming production family. I actually like to maintain a worldview of everyone I touch or been having the blessed to be touch by, are apart of the family, to some extent. Now some have naturally been real friends or at least friendly enough to warrant the same kind of manners and respect. "Treat those how you would want to be treated" etc. Others (of course) would not be so deserving of that kind of respect. However, lately I feel more like trying to rise above it all. I have been doing some kind of soul searching if u will and am trying to squash petty(or not so petty) things of the past. I try to (don't laugh) think what would Jesus do? But it kind of works. In fact I dare you ALL to try that next time. When you feel like you are in a situation in which you feel so low and want to punch someone or something, take a deeep breath and exhale slowly and think what would "He" do? Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you will instantly do a 360 right there and then, but at least it helps put things a little bit in perspective. Heck, if not "Jesus" then try Budah or some figure in the world you may look up to, anybody really.

Wow! I really got into that one. Well on to the UPdates!
I have been fairly fortunate to be a part of the groups and thusly mailing lists that have given me a leg up on the happenings that are involved in the film world of Philly. I love this city. Many great events have been going down like film screenings by MindTV, which involve series of short ducumentaries of many different point of views of this city. Many stories are told and expressed and many lessons are to be learned.
Last month I was lucky to get a pass to the Philly Premiere of "Night Catches Us" by local native Tanya Hamilton. Afterward she and lead actress Kerry Washington were on center stage for discussion. Priceless. Also I had the fortune of meeting some of the other cast members, doing a solid job in their own right. It was a really powerful film, if at times a bit less than stellar, about how history won't escape a circle of folks in Germantown who have ties with the Black Panther Party. Good Cinematography and performances overshadow a story with some holes in it. Still a solid outing!

Lets fastforward and bring things in perspective for KAI Productions. Working in the Census was very beneficial for a couple reasons, one being that I was able to network and connect with some like minded folks or otherwise folks whom could be of my services. One person in particular has been in meetings with myself and bouncing around ideas. Im really looking forward to our Friday brainstorming/formatting session. This, I believe, will be key in which we will finally set up what's needed to get going and rolling. Once this bus gets rolling watch out! There will be links/uploads to video projects to come, so stay tuned!

Good Night and Good Luck to y'all!

Weather: Was a lil warm but huge wind gusts of 40-50 MPH. Currently now 39.