03 October 2011

False Promises..

Hello Folks. I know I know... What can one say?! Its been a reeeeaaallll loonnng time since we last caught up. I mean, after all I know you've all been just pinning for my super stories or casual insights on my day-to-week-to-month updates on "Whats Happening With KAI." For that I more than apologize. I not only feel bad for keeping you all in the dark for so so long, but I must realize how important it is keep an online memoir of sorts for the sake of posterity, for making a footnote indelible in the psyche, for entertainment! So jus' sitting here thinking to myself I come to some conclusions that it's just up to me to deliver in life, not just say I will. So, from here on out, no mo PROMISES! Just action. If I tell you I am going to make another blog, then that means I'm freakin' gonna DO it! It means I'm already in the middle of doing it(at least in my head). SO...with that said...I am gonna stop blathering like a crazy fool and just UPdate y'all. So watch here, it's coming up real fast. Take your bathroom breaks now if you have to. Actually I'm gonna try to keep this short and sweet. So just hang in there wit' me, alright?

Countdown to the unexpected: 10 9 8 7 5 (whoops) 6 5 4 3 2 1...


Naturally a whole lot has been going on here! I mean when you got like the better part of a year to catch up with, you just HAVE to have something interesting, right? I really don't know where to begin, which is bad 'cause I usually like to put things in chronological order, make it somewhat linear, get me? We'll jus' have to pretend like were watching a Chris Nolan film and jump around in time(sometimez without warning!).
So lets start with Videos! Last I left off I might have mentioned something along the lines of me teaming up with a former co-woker of mine. Well, we continued to foster a pretty good working relationship in video and sorts. I have more or less become her resident videographer/editor. More-so editing now since she has joined PhillyCam. For those not in the know, PhillyCam is Philadelphia's premiere public access TV Station. This is a pretty big deal here, since we are like the last major city in the whole freakin' country to get a public access station. Lets not get it confused with the local "PBS" station. Nawww, what we are members of is MUCH better, exponentially better! There, anyone who has an idea for something they wish to shoot can do so and submit it to the station. It doesn't cost much to be a member either. Go to www.phillycam.org and check it out for yourselves! We have submitted 3 or 4 programs under her organization. Thing is, we get 30 min at any one time, which is good for us. This gets our creative juices flowing to bring some good short and concise content from the great forums we have been documenting. We cover things like the rally and march in washington DC recently themed "Save Our Shools." Public schools are in trouble, funding is continuing to get cut in favor of charters and teachers are being scrutinized more than informed or worked with, thusly losing their jobs. Thats just one avenue. Were also trying to expand our palete and get a real expansive view with various content including the entertainment industry and happenings in town.

Well, I said I would keep it short and sweet, so that should do for now. But stay tuned!

Good Luck n' Good Night!

Weather {This year has reached presumably highs for percipitation: winter yeilded TON of snow and spring/late summer/early fall, ton of rain} With that, we finally got a break today, and I could actually see a bit of sun right before it went down, that's a beautiful site to see. Currently cold in mid 50s(its early Oct!). Nice n dry...