19 February 2010

A Networking Night - The Journey

Hey all! Whats hapening you may ask? Well...it all started with a BUZZ! BUZZ! BUZZ! I look at over to the right of me to see where it's commin' from. And its my cell, on vibrate! AHH! Of all times for it to be on vibrate! Well luckily it was within earshot. Otherwise it'd be going off in another room and I wouldnt even know it! It was going off to tell me I had a networking event to go to in just over an hour! I KNEW had to go to this today. However, being me, I just cast it off t the side and got involved with creating this blog account, which can be really involving. Then what else happens? None other than my mom calls, but I tell her I gotta go, so saying goodbye takes like 5 minutes, when in reality I have -2.

This point = T-minus-59 minutes.

I'm running around trying to get my stuff together when I realize I dont even know where hell Im going. I quickly shuffle through my email. Oh but which email is it? Ahh yes, that one. 1st guess was right. I am da man! hah! So now I find out where it is but how the hell do I get down there?! Quick! Go to the SEPTA (the public transportation) website. In a atter of 3 minutes I bring it up. Ok its simple 1 2 3 directions. In fact 3 modes of transit are required (according to them). Im out the door. But Im not making the bus that is on my itinerary (impossible to to transport to myself out the door and 1 block down in 2 minutes). I figure its rush hour and thusly I 'll be covered. Its worked out before. But not this time. I wait and wait and wait til Im almost ready to just walk back home dejected and angry at the world, when one finally comes. (gasp)

So about 2 buses, and one subway in between, later I arrive. I couldnt believe i made it only a half hour late and things seemed to be picking up speed. Everybody was warmed up with 1 beer in and feeling loose. So I go in and make magic happen. Mingling with alot of technically competent folk in the audio/music department was an interesting experience. They actually came close to outnumbering ones like myself; directors/writers/cinematographer types. A plus for me. It makes me feel like I have it set in the indie of the indie world. Overall the experience was quite good, made me feel very optimistic. Now its its just about putting thoughts onto paper, making a plan of action and contacting these people!

Good night and good luck!

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18 February 2010

The First Blog!

Well. Ya gotta start somewhere right?! Exactly! This being my first blog, I am basially going to jut give you all a quick preveiw of the upcomming things you shall find on this blog. This is the first time I have signed up on a "real" blog. I DO have twitter ) I Yea, I've tried the facebook thing and the myspace thing, but this makes things a little more easier and free to make a website your own.

That being said, on to the "purpose." This blog is just the beginning. This is thee launching pad from where you will hear the on-going fabrications and interesting happenings of KAI. We are many things; big and bright, vibrant and galzanizing. We're a creative yet serviceable entity. These you shall learn over the comming days, weeks, months etc. From here I will branch out to another blog. So watch out. I will give out a link really soon.

Good day/night and good luck to you all.

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