18 February 2010

The First Blog!

Well. Ya gotta start somewhere right?! Exactly! This being my first blog, I am basially going to jut give you all a quick preveiw of the upcomming things you shall find on this blog. This is the first time I have signed up on a "real" blog. I DO have twitter ) I Yea, I've tried the facebook thing and the myspace thing, but this makes things a little more easier and free to make a website your own.

That being said, on to the "purpose." This blog is just the beginning. This is thee launching pad from where you will hear the on-going fabrications and interesting happenings of KAI. We are many things; big and bright, vibrant and galzanizing. We're a creative yet serviceable entity. These you shall learn over the comming days, weeks, months etc. From here I will branch out to another blog. So watch out. I will give out a link really soon.

Good day/night and good luck to you all.

Current Weather : 42 degrees and mostly sunny.

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