20 April 2010

Updates Updates UP DATES!

Whats happenin' people?!?! I knooooww its been awhile. KAI has been pretty busy as of late, but it's really no excuse as I should be updating fellow followers of my "blow you away with words" blog I have here. lmbo! Actually, when Im here writing these blogs, memoirs if u will of my experiences, I wish to create just that, an EXPERIENCE! I wish have each and every reader out there to be fully enveloped in the day-to-day,week-to-week, etc. occurences that happen in this world told through KAI's eyes. So with that, on to the UPdates.

#1: Creating a website through Go-Daddy can be horrorific if you don't have much experience in the medium. On the main sign up pages they have it set up in a way feels like they will hold your hand and give you easy to use tools and guides for those tools so you even the most wet-behind-the-ears novice would feel lie an accomplished vet in just a matter of days...Well...the worst part of this transaction is just GETTING there. I mean transfering my already established domain name from one registrar to another. Meanwhile I have to learn a whole host of new terms. Many I couldn't tell you what they mean now if a taser was aimed at my crotch, but i digress, its patience testing stuff. So after about a week or 2 going through many many greuling(mentally speaking) tasks, I got the name transferred. Now for the last past few weeks it's been all about how to actually get stuff on my page. Thats a task and half...

#2: Taxes..ughhhh I HATE them, but I got em done with 2 days to spare...hell i OWE this year! WTF?!?! How could I OWE?!?! i don't understand it...I make slightly less than I did the previous year and i owe taxes..under the 50 dollar mark, but still...Whats goin on Obama? Government?!?! Sheesh... So much for breaks for the un-wealthy...i feel like the tax program I am using is messin me up....oh well...whats done is done... On the fliside of thangs I am finally getting to work for the local govt, via the Census Bureau. 'Bout time they got to back me! I took the test and got 97% correct! And it took them a year and couple months to get back to me. Well thats all the complaining I'm doin'. At least they are giving me a job and good pay..REALLY good pay. Training begins next week...letssseee see how that goes...

#3 KAI productions is rolling at a semi-fine clip. Was at another cool networking party last month. It was actualy a screening at a nice quaint lil place called Arts Garage. 2 Floors of fun. They were still developing the place..from what I saw theres lots of promise to be seen. The folks who invited me hope to take good advantage of the property for possible future production works. Was E-vited to the event. It's cool when you meet folk and so they evite you to their happening ventures, thusly you meet other folk..THATS networking! Expanded the old facebook contacts by a few names after that night. This time there was food though! Not only that it was free and so so tantalizing. Everything from delectable fried poppcorn shrimp, very lightly steamed baby spinnach in some kind of buttersauce, very tasty macaroni salad, and other dynamic fare. It was a success on many levels and I hope St. Louis Productions gets rolling in the direction they wish....luck to them..I'll be in touch...

Good Day and Good Luck!

Current Weather: 70 degrees and sunny. Spring time is here.

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