27 June 2010


Happy Father's day! In this, my part II of a tribute to parents (first Mother's Day), it's now time to shift the attention to the patriarcs, the MEN of our respective clans.
The day may come once, but the people they celebrate should be remembered and appreciated every day. Often, it seems people focus a whole lot more on "my moma" than "my papa"; for a lot of different reasons. Living the life as a single parent aint easy for so many MAMA's out there. But wait a sec! What about the single PAPA's?!?! They are out there too, no?! And then there was something bought up on a friends facebook account about they were sick of hearing "mothers being described as fathers", because in the end they can't provide all the things a father can provide. I agree with this sentiment greatly! So in concluding, I just want to give a HUUUGE hollar and shout out to all the good dads holding it down and just taking care of their children, whether its in the framework of a traditional nuclear family or the other route of "taking turns" and being there for their offspring when it counts.

Hope all of y'all had a great Father's Day!

Good Luck and Good Night!

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