09 May 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

I just hope to make this quick n easy and to the point as possible. I wish all to have a Happy mothers day. Even though the day is almost over, lets not stop remembering all that which they mean to us. After all without mothers, there is no "US" to go on to be mothers and fathers in this beautiful cycle of LIFE. So everyone who's reading this, please take a moment and reflect on them; reflect on a wonderful little moment you have shared with your mother lately. Even if you feel yours is controlling or nagging or you recently got into a fight and don't feel like talking or thinking about her. There is ALWAYS 1 decent moment you should be able to think of. I think of many. I am so glad to have her living in my life, I realize all those whom have there mothers around in their lives PERIOD have to realize how blessed they are.

I may not know the Bible passages word for word (or even close) but I do know there are real important lessons in their and one I'm sure states the importantce of strength through family, which starts with our mothers and fathers.
Yes, I said fathers as well. And Don't worry you Dads out there, when Fathers Day comes, you're next!

Good night and good luck!

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